Today we review Sync 2, an intelligent polyrhythmic glitch machine and sample collection, from AudioModern and let you know what we think!


Sync 2, from AudioModern, is so freaking cool! We actually missed out on the original Sync when it was released earlier this year. So when we were contacted to review Sync 2, we wanted to dive into the original as well to see exactly how this project has evolved over time. Below, we have added a video for both Sync and Sync 2, so you can see them in action and hear for yourself how these samples shine once processed. We have, of course, produced a demo track for this review, but it is using just sounds from Sync 2 and there is no processing of any kind applied, for the sake of transparency and an honest and fair review.

Let’s just begin by saying that these samples are so incredibly crystal clear and precise that it’s almost unbelievable. I was sure that, just like most samples packs, we’d open up these sounds and be pretty impressed by the quality but never did I expect to hear the same clarity and precision that is showcased in the official demo tracks for these products. The AudioModern crew is obviously very skilled and passionate to be able to pull off the feat again and again, because it’s not just the Sync titles that are impressive. Sync 2 is every bit as good as its predecessor and will be a welcome addition to any modern producer’s sample library.

With 36 different professionally designed drum kits for Kontakt to choose from, these futuristic glitch and electronic construction kits are also included as raw samples so you can work however you prefer with the sounds. This type of freedom allows you to take advantage of the tools in Kontakt for faster workflows and still use more traditional means to add samples and loops to your arrangement, as well as process and manipulate them in infinite ways. And with over 300 samples in the Sync 2 collection, across more than 1.5GB and 10 unique reverb options, the ways in which you can combine, layer and use them is also infinite.

As mentioned above, we never process any of the sounds in our reviews so you can have the opportunity to hear them completely untouched. But that doesn’t mean we don’t put every pack we review through a series of tests to ensure they are worthy of being featured in one of our reviews. We are happy to report that every sound in the Sync 2 collection passed with flying colors and ever surpassed expectations in most cases. These samples are gorgeous! BTW, the same can be said about the sounds in the original Sync collection, too. Brilliant stuff all the way around!

Below is a short demo track featuring only sounds from the Sync 2 collection. No effects have been used, other than a touch of reverb included in the Kontakt drum kits. A touch of panning has been used for a bit of separation so you can hear each sound clearly. Also, we used automation on one bass instrument inside of Kontakt simply to show that you can create entire melodies through automation this way. There are a total of four phrases, recorded across a few different time signatures, as this is how the construction kits are organized.  [Low-res 192 kbps .mp3 format for faster streaming.]


Sync 2 is well-organized and created by people who understand the needs and workflows of modern producers. This collection of sounds is ideal for those producing for film, television, gaming and high-quality music in general, across all genres. These samples are relevant, timely and perfectly designed. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for futuristic electronic and glitch elements for their productions! You simply cannot go wrong with these sounds.

Below is a short video about Sync 2, as well as more information about the original Sync collection, from AudioModern.


Official Sync demo:


Official Sync video trailer: